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BACESS A/S is a Danish Bio Engineering company, specializing in designing, constructing and implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly systems for composting organic waste such as household, agricultural and horticultural waste, garden and industrial waste, biogas digestate and wastewater sludge as well as, wastewater treatment and air through root zone systems.

All systems are based on biological processes developed around pragmatic technological solutions that ensure recycling and recycling of nutrients. The solutions are energy efficient, require no chemical substances and the operating costs are low.


Waste to value – Biofertilizer Production Technology

The demand for sustainable nutrient recycling of organic waste is growing conjointly with the demand for biofertilizer in the green house and farmland food production.
Today Agriculture food production requires between 60-120kg nutrients per hectare per year. These nutrients are transferred to the cities as food. The by-products are discarded off as garbage and are either dumped or incinerated thus causing loss of resources and environmental pollution.
Besides, farmers are in a great loss due to expensive agriculture inputs costs, collection costs of residual waste and other forms of related. In 2019, European Union imports of fertilizer was US $5.11 billion.

To contribute to the present initiatives that aim to actualize Circular Economy in the food sector,  BACESS A/S has developed a High Heat Temperature Composting technology to safely recycle the nutrients in organic waste such as household and garden waste, waste from agriculture, horticulture and food production waste, sewage sludge and other biomass to renewed feed and food production.


We aim to decrease the inputs costs related to agricultural food production, environment pollution and natural resource depletion, thereby allowing farmers to fetch more profits while decreasing their carbon footprint; by recycling nutrients in organic waste and utilizing it in food production.

Key features

The technology can convert organic waste into biofertilizer in 5-10 days. Composting process takes place in a closed standard system. By regulating time and oxygen aeration, the biomass temperature raises to 70oC within 48 hours and it is maintained for minimum 1 hour. As a result, infectious substances, pests, and weeds are destroyed, thus making the output material safe to use as high-quality fertilizer. The biofertilizer produced can significantly protect against the occurrence of pests and plant diseases and thereby, reducing the use of pesticides.
In addition, it can improve the soil structure by influencing the aggregation of the soil particles. It also helps in enhancing the soil´s ability for water retention thereby, alleviating dehydration. Thus, providing sustainable growing conditions for healthy plants growth and high production yields.


We offer mobile and scalable customized systems designs with a capacity from 6m3 (approx. 3 tonnes) for municipalities, waste management companies, biogas plants, small, medium and large scale agricultural farmland food producers, greenhouses, food, and beverage producers among others, depending on the client’s requirements, budget and biomass.


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